Two years


Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea

Nature of Project:

Pest and Pathogens

Estimated total Cost:

US$ 824,359

Financing commited by STDF:

US$ 604,491

US$ 98,337
Counterpart financing
US$ 121,531
Project Executing Agency (PEA):


Project Supervisory Body:

International Cocoa Organization (ICCO)

Project Starting Date:

November 2013

Completion Date:

October 2015


Brief Description:

The project aims at producing and trading cocoa that meets food safety and international SPS standards.  This will include (i) improving the quality of cocoa through capacity building in SPS, (ii) promoting and facilitating knowledge sharing between stakeholder groups participating in the project, and (iii) raising awareness among cocoa stakeholders beyond the project’s immediate reach on food safety concerns in the whole supply chain (and how to address them).  The stakeholders targeted by the project include smallholder producers, agro-dealers, processors and exporters, also involving national and regional authorities that are responsible for research relating to cocoa, and SPS issues.


Project Objectives:

The overall development objective of this project is to improve market access for cocoa from Asia through capacity building in SPS and food safety practices and compliance.


Project Status:

The project inception workshop was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 27-28 November 2013. A total of 22 participants representing Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, CABI (UK & Asia), FAO, STDF Working Group, MARS and the ICCO Secretariat attended the workshop. The international Project Steering Committee was constituted and held its first meeting during the workshop. The work plan for the first year of the project has been developed and approved. All necessary arrangements are being concluded to start project implementation in the participating countries. 

The report of the 'CocoaSafe' Inception Meeting, which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 27 - 28 November 2013, can be downloaded here.

ICCO Secretariat

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