In a meaningful concept of sustainability, consumption is of equal importance to production. The complement to sustainable production is sustainable consumption, or rather, securing the continuation of a steady increase in cocoa and chocolate consumption, as well as the sustainable conversion of cocoa beans into semi-finished and final products for the consumer.

Consumption Trends

The ICCO regularly analyses trends in consumption as part of its study of the world cocoa market, and the latest edition of its report on the entire market is available for download here. More short-term market analyses, concentrating on grindings, are available by clicking the Statistics tab and looking at the Grindings or Monthly Review options.

Health and Nutrition

Food health and nutritional attributes have, in recent years, been of increasing concern to consumers as well as to food and health authorities. Developments in obesity, including those among children, have highlighted the importance of diet and a healthy lifestyle. The ICCO has devised an inventory of the positive health and nutritional attributes of cocoa and chocolate. This inventory concludes in a comprehensive and correct manner the clear message that chocolate, when consumed in moderation, can form part of a wholesome, well balanced, healthy and nutritional diet. You can find the inventory on health and nutrition here.







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