Promoting Advances in Research to Enhance the Profitability of Cocoa Farming
13 – 17 November 2017 – Lima, Peru


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The ICCO Secretariat has appointed a Scientific Committee to be responsible for developing the programme of the ISCR 2017 and to advise the ICCO on the overall organization of the event.

The Scientific Committee, through its chairperson Brigitte Laliberté, reports to the Executive Director of ICCO and submits regular updates on the preparation and organization of the ISCR 2017.

The ICCO has the overall responsibility for the organization of the ISCR 2017 and works in collaboration with the host local organization committee headed by Angel Manero Campos.

The members of the Scientific Committee are:

  1. Brigitte Laliberté, Bioversity International, Italy - Chair
  2. Carlos Leyva, Director of Senasa, Peru
  3. Christian Cilas, CIRAD, France
  4. David Guest, The University of Sydney, Australia
  5. Elizabeth Johnson, IICA, Jamaica
  6. Franklin Manu Amoah, Executive Director CRIG, Ghana
  7. Martin Gilmour, Mars Global Chocolate, UK
  8. Michelle End, Cocoa Research Association, CRA Ltd. UK
  9. Nanga Coulibaly, Conseil Café Cacao, Côte d’Ivoire
  10. Path Umaharan, Cocoa Research Centre, UWI, Trinidad and Tobago
  11. Paul Hadley, University of Reading, UK
  12. Siela Maximova, Penn State University, USA
  13. Soetanto Abdoellah, ICCRI, Indonesia
  14. Verina Ingram, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  15. Wilbert Phillips-Mora, CATIE, Costa Rica
  16. Yunusa Abubakar, ICCO representative