Projects Completed
  • Generic promotion of cocoa consumption in Japan Read More
  • Pilot plants to process cocoa by-products in Ghana Read More
  • Feasibility study on the generic promotion of cocoa consumption in the Russian Federation Read More
  • Cocoa germplasm utilization and conservation: a global approach Read More
  • Study of chemical, physical and organoleptic parameters to establish the difference between fine and bulk cocoa Read More
  • The use of molecular biology techniques in a search for varieties resistant to Witches’ Broom disease of cocoa Read More
  • Improvement of cocoa marketing and trade in liberalizing cocoa producing countries Read More
  • Preventing and managing the global spread of cocoa pests and pathogens: Lessons learned from the Witches' Broom project Read More
  • Pilot Project on Price risk management for cocoa farmers Read More
  • Capacity building project on pesticides residues and other harmful substances in cocoa in Africa Read More
  • Supply chain management for total quality cocoa: pilot phase. Read More
  • Analysis of the value chain in cocoa producing countries
  • Cocoa productivity and quality improvement: a participatory approach Read More
  • Fast track project on host plant resistance for sustainable cocoa pod borer management Read More
  • Fast track project on a feasibility study for organic cocoa production in West African countries Read More
  • Cocoa of Excellence: Promoting diverse high quality cocoa origins Read More
  • SPS capacity building in Africa to mitigate the harmful effects of pesticide residues in cocoa and to maintain market access Read More
Projects under implementation
  • Integrated Management of Cocoa Pests and Pathogens Read More
  • "CocoaSafe": Capacity Building and Knowledge Sharing in SPS and Food Safety in Cocoa in South East Asia Read More
  • Capacity Building on Price Risk Management Strategy for Cocoa Smallholder Farmers in Africa Read More
  • Feasibility Study for the Development of a Commodity Exchange in Cameroon Read More
Projects Approved by CFC and/or Other Donors - Awaiting for Implementation







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