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ICCO daily price (SDRs/tonne) 1419.24 1446.16
ICCO daily price (US$/tonne) 1990.69 2029.47
London futures (£ sterling/tonne) 1539.67 1570.33
New York futures (US$/tonne) 1961.33 2001.33

The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) | Cocoa Producing and Cocoa Consuming Countries

Sack of Cocoa BeansICCO constantly follows and analyses the world cocoa market. Each month, recent developments in the market are reviewed together with longer-term trends and forecasts. Any findings resulting from studies and analyses are subsequently translated into recommendations and action. These include initiatives to work in co-operation with governments in cocoa producing countries to improve the provision of cocoa market information to smallholder cocoa farmers.

Monthly Review

The Monthly Review of the world cocoa market situation provides an update on developments for the preceding month. It concentrates on prices, but also gives information on recent developments in production, grindings, stocks and prices of semi-finished products. The review also contains the latest estimates of production and grindings for the current season. You can find the latest Monthly Review here.

Longer-Term Analyses

Each year, the ICCO Secretariat prepares a document on long-term trends in the world cocoa market, including production and consumption. The document also presents analyses of underlying trend factors, such as areas under cultivation, developments in productivity, pest and disease incidences, etc. Ad hoc studies and analyses are also provided on the functioning of the world market as a whole and on selected market aspects. The latest assessments of the movements of global supply and demand are contained on this site.


At least every two years, the ICCO Secretariat prepares an analysis of five-year forecasts on projected developments in the world cocoa economy, covering prices, production, grindings and stocks. These analyses are based on the ICCO econometric model for the world cocoa economy and include production projections in the major cocoa producing countries. Annual forecasts of production and consumption and estimates of stocks and the supply/demand balance in the world cocoa market are contained on this site.

ICCO Secretariat

Postal Address:
International Cocoa Organization
06 BP 1166 Abidjan 06
Côte d'Ivoire

Tel:  +225 22 51 49 50/51
Fax: +225 22 51 49 79
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ICCO Membership Procedure

The procedures for becoming a member of the International Cocoa Organization are provided in Articles 52 to 57 of the International Cocoa Agreement, 2010.

How to Become an ICCO Member - International Cocoa Agreement 2010

Quarterly Bulletin of Cocoa Statistics and the new edition of The World Cocoa Directory

The Quarterly Bulletin of Cocoa Statistics provides reliable data and up-to-date analysis from 1960 onwards, covering most cocoa producing and importing countries.

It is published in February, May, August and November

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The greatly expanded World Cocoa Directory 2015/16 includes the contact details of over 4,100 companies and organizations within the global cocoa and chocolate sector, completely updated and indexed, and now available as well in an online edition.

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