RSCE2 Mission and Objectives

The Mission is:

"Promoting sustainable production and use of cocoa through dialogue
and cooperation with all stakeholders along the supply chain".

The specific Objectives for the next Roundtable Meeting (RSCE2) are:

1. Identify principles, underlying the "Accra Agenda", taking into account the three pillars of sustainable development - environmental, economic and social;

2. Be a platform for consultation and dialogue of initiatives promoting sustainability in cocoa;

3. Encourage (further) development of standards for sustainable cocoa and best supply chain practices and promote their implementation, taking into account the special needs of smallholders;

4. Identify the ways and means of delivering traceability and monitoring in the cocoa supply chain, from production through trade/processing to consumption;

5. Consider the role of certification for cocoa and the similarities/differences of existing and newly developed mechanisms of certification, again taking into account the responsibilities of different stakeholders and the special needs of smallholders;

6. Exchange views on existing programmes towards the implementation of core labour standards.