Poster Sessions

Contributions with a regional or thematic focus presented in the form of poster exhibits were welcomed during these sessions:

Regions: Africa - Asia - Latin America & Caribbean

Topics: Cocoa and sustainability - farmer groups - consumers    





In addition to the oral sessions, papers were presented in poster format (drawings, leaflets, samples, etc.).

Authors indicated if they wished to have their papers included in the poster sessions, subject to their conformity with the standards defined in the Guidelines to Contributors.


En plus des séances de présentation orale, communications ont été présentées sous forme d'affiches (graphismes, brochures, échantillons, etc.). 

Les auteurs ont indiqué s'ils souhaitaient que leurs communications soient incluses dans les séances de présentation par affiches, sous réserve de leur conformité avec les normes définies dans les Recommandations aux intervenants.


Además de las sesiones de ponencias, algunos de los trabajos han sido presentados en forma de póster (dibujos, folletos, muestras, etc.). 

Los autores han indicado si deseaban que sus posters sean incluidos en las sesiones de posters, sujeto a su conformidad con los estándares definidos en las Orientaciones para la presentación de trabajos.

Those wishing to present posters submitted title and abstract to the Roundtable Co-ordinator

Each poster exhibitor was allocated a specified area of board. Poster exhibits were mounted on these boards. Each author was asked to attend his exhibit for a limited period at a specified time of a specified day. The presenter was expected to answer questions put to him by participants. Exhibits were grouped according to sessions to which they referred and their titles were listed at an appropriate location in the Conference Programme.

Each poster exhibit had to display the paper title and name(s) and address(es) of the author(s). Photographs in colour or black and white, graphs, figures, maps and even models or pieces of apparatus could be mounted on boards. Author(s) distributed duplicated or printed hand-outs, reprints and other information on the subject to their audience. Where possible author(s) used material prepared in at least two of the conference languages. However, the organizers accepted no responsibility for these translations. The participants were allowed a certain amount of flexibility with regard to the final format of their poster session.





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