Sustainability Initiatives - Cocoa

Sustainability Programmes


Cocoa Values Caribe


Federation of Cocoa Commerce Ltd (FCC)

International Cocoa Initiative (ICI)

International Cocoa Verification Board (ICVB)

Cocoa Sustainability - Mars Inc.

Oxfam Novibib

Rainforest Alliance


Sustainability Commodity Initiative

The Cocoa Sustainability Partnership                             

The Cocoa Tree

The Success Alliance

The UK Chococate and Cocoa Industry

Tropical Commodity Coalition (TCC)                                                                                         Sweetness Follows - A Rough Guide  

UTZ Certified (UTZ)

World Cocoa Foundation

World Wildlife Fund

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ICCO - Etude de Marché sur le Cacao Biologique

ICCO - CB-14-2- Economie Cacaoyère Durable: une approche globale et participative

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ICCO - Estudio del Mercado de Cacao Ecológico

ICCO - CB-14-2- Economía Cacaotera Sostenible: un enfoque amplio y participativo

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ASSANVO Alex at 15/04/2009 15:16:05:

you are missing Fairtrade in the list:

valentine asi at 22/03/2009 01:47:51:

I am undertaking to develop my family cocoa farm into a larger scale family busness. I need to make a proposal for funds for the purpose and need to know what are some of the cross cutting issues relating to developing this project i.e. what are +/- or neutral impacts on the environment, gender and spread of HIV/AIDS. I need some comments and hints. Valentine

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