RSCE2 Presentations

Presentations were shown throughout the roundtable meeting.


Chair: Mme Amouan Acquah, President of the RSCE2

Chair: Mr. Tony Lass, MBE, Vice-President of the RSCE2

RSCE2-2 - Modus Operandi of RSCE - Tony Lass MBE

Certification Schemes - Fairtrade FLO - Alex Assanvo
RSCE2-3 - Guidelines on Best Known Practices - Dr. Anga Certification Schemes - Royal Tropical Institute - Anna Laven
RSCE2-4 - Sustainability Initiatives - Simon Schnetzer Certification Schemes - Rainforest Alliance - Edward Millard
RSCE2-5 - Tracking and Traceability - Tony Lass MBE Certification Schemes - UTZ - Dan de Vries
RSCE2-6 - Social Issues - Mme. Acquah Assouan Certification Schemes - Cadbury - David Preece
RSCE2-7 - Draft Principles for a Sustainable Cocoa Economy - M. Vernooij Certification Schemes - Mars - Jeff Morgany
RSCE2-8 - Summary Report of Preparatory Meeting in Abidjan - Mr. Assamoi Certification Schemes - COPAL - Mr. Sona Ebai
  Certification Schemes - ICI - Peter McAllister
  Certification Schemes - WCF - Bill Guyton

Each Focus Group started with several introductory presentations.  The speakers in the Focus Groups covered one or two aspects of the Background Documents presented on Day 1 of the Roundtable, from the perspective of the Public Sector, the Private Sector and the Farmers.  The presentations were based on personal experiences and efforts to achieve a sustainable cocoa economy.


Focus Group "A":

Public sector perspective

Chair: Dr. Ismail Azhae, MCB, Malaysia

Rapporteur: Dr. Darin Sukha / Ms. Frances Bekele, UWI, Trinidad and Tobago

Rapporteur: Mr. Han Loke Fong, ICCO

Focus Group "B":

Private sector perspective

Chair: Dr. Martin Gilmour, CAOBISCO

Rapporteur: Dr. Jeanne N'Goran, CNRA, Cote d'Ivoire

Rapporteur: Mr. Laurent Pipitone, ICCO

Focus Group "C":

Famers perspective

Chair: Dr. Yaw Adu-Ampomah CRIG, Ghana

Rapporteur: Dr. Michelle End, CRA, United Kingdom

Rapporteur: Mr. Yunusa Abubakar, ICCO

Introductory presentations: Introductory presentations: Introductory presentations:

Dr. Karsten Keunecke - BDSI Germany 

Dr. Jeanne N'Goran - CNRA Côte d'Ivoire Dr. João Luis Pereira - CEPEC - Brazil
Jan Engels - CacaoNet and Bioversity Italy Mr. Luis Vicente Facco - CONTAG Brazil Mr. Aka Kanga - CNS - Côte d'Ivoire
Isodoro de la Rosa - CONACADO Dominican Republic  Isabelle Adam - ECA Europe Mr. Vicente Urrutia - MAGAP Ecuador
Dr. Azhar Ismail - MCB Malaysia  Mr. D. de Graaf - FNV Netherlands Mr. David Kpelle - Africa Cocoa Coalition Ghana
Marieke Poissonier - Oxfam International  Mr. Pierre Etoa Abena - ONCC Cameroon Mr. Joshua O. Oyedele - Cocoa Association of Nigeria
Francis Otu Acquah - Farmer Ghana Mr. Toussaint N'Guessan - UIREVI Côte d'Ivoire Messrs. J. Gockowski & S. Weise - IITA - West Africa

Ms. Laura Gonzalez - CONCACAO Ecuador

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