Sustainability Initiatives and the Challenge of Compliance



The RSCE2/4 Background Document "Sustainability Initiatives and the Challenge of Compliance", in English, French and Spanish

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Philip Sigley at 21/01/2009 16:27:47:

I have been following the Good For Development Label idea with interest - see link -

This could be a far more appropriate path for us to follow as we are all clealry aware that the cocoa market as a whole is good for development and without cocoa situations in developing countries could be far worse for rural livelihoods.

There is a long way to go in dealing with the disconnect between the manufacturer and some of the raw materials used because of specialisation, outsourcing etc and that to carry the contribution to development through the whole supply chain is a major challenge. If a seller can pass on the costs of the development contribution to the next buyer in a controlled system as submitted within the RSCE social issues issues forum then we may be headed in a very interesting direction which will satisfy consumers that results can be effectively delivered through our supply chain.

Ivan Chang Yen at 05/11/2008 12:52:03:

I am currently coordinating a major research project into cocoa quality (heavy metals and Ochrotoxin A in cocoa beans) in Trinidad & Tobago. Development of a HACCP-based system for cocoa production and reliable methods of monitoring for compliance and certification are major aims of the program. We hope to implement a working system within the next two years. This system can be readily transferred to other cocoa-producing countries and we are prepared to assist where feasible. I am also interested in discussions on the system of setting food safety standards for heavy metals, Ochratoxin A and other possible contaminants in cocoa beans, since it appears to be too arbitrary and sometimes does not take into account the realities of conditions in the producing countries.

Simon Schnetzer at 01/09/2008 12:31:44:

Dear all,

My name is Simon Schnetzer and I am leading the expert group working on the preparation of the background document on “Sustainability and Certification Initiatives”. This background document will be one of five documents forming the basis of discussion at the 2nd Roundtable Meeting for a Sustainable Cocoa Economy taking place in Trinidad and Tobago from 24 – 27 March 2009.

We want to involve all interested stakeholders in our work and make the development of this document a transparent and participatory one. The outline of this document will be available on this page by the end of September.

Please share your thoughts and documents on sustainability and certification initiatives for cocoa or other commodities with us - we look forward to receiving your input and comments.

Kind regards,

Simon Schnetzer
Roundtable Co-ordinator

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