Guidelines on Best Known Practices in the Cocoa Value Chain



The RSCE2/3 Background Document "Guidelines on Best Known Practices in the Cocoa Value Chain", in English, French and Spanish

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Sylvanus Nekenja at 23/02/2009 15:30:57:

Most farmers in Cameroon and especially of the former Produce Marketing Organization-PMO (SOWEFCU & NOWEFCU) were and are still well equiped with GAP both on-farm and off-farm activities. The problem is to find an appropriate mechanism to ensure improving, disseminating and sustaining this knowledge to future generation within an economy facing complex trasformation resistance. We need to redefined the role of operators at various stages of the cocoa value chain, discarding less effective ones and create a sustainable well-functioning linkage between stakeholders in the chain. This will facilitate GS1 traceability standard implementation in Cocoa marketing/trade.

Philippe Bastide at 06/02/2009 15:28:42:

A few comments on the GAP on cocoa (french only, sorry). The aim of my paper is to underline that to be efficient, a GAP have to be understood. It should be better to insist on the bad practices giving tools and ways to solve the main problems of cocoa producing and post harvest processes. The best way would be to explain principles of each step and to avoid giving only recipes which can change and must be adapted depending on many factors: climate, cocoa type and tradition, at least.

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