Study on Traceability and Tracking


RSCE2/5: Study on Traceability and Tracking

The study on traceability and tracking presents different forms of verification for certain types of produce. Various methods for traceability and tracking are described including a cost and benefit analysis for the stakeholders. Cases of good practice are illustrated to allow for a discussion on possible ways of verifying sustainability claims in cocoa on a large scale and to discuss the underlying technicalities involved. 

Members of this Expert Group are: 


Mr. Tony Lass MBE (leader)

Cocoa Research Association Ltd

Mme Amouan Acquah Assouan

Cabinet du Premier Ministre, Côte d'Ivoire

Ms. Isabelle Adam

European Cocoa Association

Dr. Jean-Marc Anga

International Cocoa Organization

Dr. F. M. Amoah


Mr. Enzo Barattini

European Commission DG Development SC-15  4/182

Dr. Martin Gilmour

CAOBISCO, Association of the Chocolate, Biscuit And Confectionery Industries of the European Union

Dr. Victor Halim Iyama

Cocoa Association of Nigeria

Mr. Philip Sigley

The Federation of Cocoa Commerce Ltd (FCC)

Mr. Jack Steijn

European Warehouse Keepers' Federation

Mr. Simon Schnetzer

RSCE, Roundtable for a Sustainable Cocoa Economy

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Sylvanus Nekenja at 23/02/2009 16:08:40:

We need a cocoa economy whereby structural reforms have been successful and various operators in the supply chain with fundamental institutions completely integrated to the activities of one another. In most Sub Saharan cocoa producing countries, structural reforms to a lliberalized cocoa economy are still in process and the supply chain is disconnected making it difficult to introduce a viable method for traceability and tracking of information relating to cocoa marketing and trade. It's a comprehensive well developed standard that will help achieve a sustainable cocoa economy.

Philip Sigley at 22/01/2009 10:07:44:

I would also like to contribute a paper I wrote in 2006 on supply chain traceability issues and drawing on the ICCO Total Quality Project- references to some of the cocoa institutions maybe out of date in relation to Cote d'Ivoire but the principles remain the same. The document also links some 2 years on to the ideas on social infrastructure I have posted under the Social Issues section of this site.


Philip Sigley at 21/01/2009 15:46:50:

It may also be of assistance for the purpose of our deliberations to consider some work on "infostructure" FCC and STCP did with Purdue University in 2001


Philip Sigley at 21/01/2009 12:58:19:

The GS1 Standard is a very comprehensive and well developed standard which can be aspired to by supply chains seeking the optimum in meeting the needs of consumers for assurance and integrity in the purchases that they make.
However, in the reality of cocoa and 3 million farms to produce 3.6 million tonnes the challenges and necessity for traceability have to be carefully considered and balanced with the needs for rural poor communities to lift themselves out of poverty through agriculture without over emphasis on northern hemisphere pursuit of highest standards. We have to find a balance and take into account the structure of cocoa production and those that are dependent on it. I will just post a couple of documents at this stage which may indicate factors to be taken into account in a practical sense and give the Study Group some additional dimension ahead of the preparatory meetings in Abidjan. First document is the presentation to WCF re. ICCO Total Quality - a first level of traceability which could work on the ground

_ICCO Total Quality Project.ppt

Elvire TEVI at 11/12/2008 10:02:40:

Dear Team,
Please find attached the Global Traceability standard that could be helpfull for the study. It is a minimum requiremnt for traceability. For sector it could be adapted. Please feel free to come back to me for more information.
Otherwise, you can join the Global Traceability Group where all sector and companies joined to discuss and find solution for their specific sector. I'm Elvire TEVI. Global Traceability Manager in GS1 Global office in belgium.
Best wishes


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