RSCE2 Working Group: members and mandate

RSCE Co-chair: Mme. Acquah Assouan Amouan (Côte d'Ivoire) 
RSCE Co-chair: Mr. Tony Lass MBE (Consultative Board)

Ms Isabelle Adam (European Cocoa Association)
Mr. Edem Amegashie-Duvon (Ghana)
Mr. Enzo Barattini (European Commission)
Mr. Juan-Diego Stacey (Ecuador)
Mr. St.-Cyr Djikalou (Côte d'Ivoire, Spokesman for Producers)
Mr. Aknan Ehtook (Malaysia)
Dr. Martin Gilmour (Caobisco)
Mr. Bill Guyton (World Cocoa Foundation)
Mr. Richard Holland (WWF)
Ms Patricia Maharaj (Trinidad and Tobago)
Mr. José Antonio Martinez (National Cocoa Board) 
Chief Dr. Akinwale Ojo (Cocoa Association of Nigeria)
Ms Chantal Oltramare (Switzerland)
Mr. Max Schnellman (Switzerland)
Mr. Hagen Streichert (Germany, Spokesman for Consumers)
Mr. Aly Touré (Côte d'Ivoire)
Mr. Pierre Tsimi Enouga (CICC, Cameroon)
Mr. Marcel Vernooij (The Netherlands)
Mr. Fitz Waldropt (Trinidad and Tobago)
Ms Gine Zwart (Oxfam International)


Ms Flavia Bernardini (Belgium)
Ms Roanna Gopaul (Trinidad and Tobago)
Mr. Gerard Manley (United Kingdom)
Mr. Carsten Schmitz-Hoffmann
Mr. Ewald Wermuth (Netherlands)
Mr. Nelson Torres Zapata (Ecuador)


Mr. Jack Stejin (European Warehouse Keepers' Federation)
Dr. Jan Vingerhoets (Executive Director, ICCO)


The mandate of the RSCE Working Group and the RSCE Co-ordination Office is to make all necessary preparations for the success of the Second Roundtable Meeting RSCE2:

  • substantive preparations, including participatory development of standards to be adhered to progressively by stakeholders and possibly indicators and an initial system of verification
  • responsibility for logistical arrangements
  • development of ideas on the long-term format and status of the Roundtable