2nd Roundtable 2009

Please find the results of the second Roundtable in Trinidad and Tobago for download:

  • "Declaration of Trinidad and Tobago declaration"
  • And the RSCE working document: "Key Elements to Enhance the Implementation of the Accra Agenda"

Presentations and results from the cocoa village will be uploaded shortly.






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Sylvanus Nekenja at 07/02/2009 12:02:20:

The Roundtable must be able to assist producing countries established and integrated supply/distribution chain with the technical assistance of developed consuming countries.

_Sustainable Cocoa Economy Roundtable2.doc

Goodluck Nkemakolam Ogu at 28/10/2008 10:47:54:

I sincerly believe that the need for a roundtable for a sustainable cocoa is asure passport to improving and maintaining standards and adding value to well being of cocoa globaly and ensuring objective compliance to responsible cocoa farming practice.

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