Cocoa Village Results

The following questions were discussed in small groups at the Cocoa Village, previously referred to as 'World Cocoa' (in accordance with the World Café* format).  Please click on related documents:


Sustainable production and use of cocoa: what are your personal success stories and challenges?

How can you as an engaged stakeholder contribute to a more sustainable cocoa economy?

How could the RSCE help you in producing or using cocoa in a more sustainable way?


Production et consommation durable du cacao : quels sont vos réussites et vos défis ?

Comment pouvez vous contribuer en tant que partie prenante à accroître la durabilité cacaoyère ?

En quoi la table ronde vous peut aider à produire ou consommer du cacao plus durablement ?


Please also find,  in Related Documents, the views of farmers and NGOs on the Draft Principles for a Sustainable Cocoa Economy.

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