29 Signatories to the Abidjan Cocoa Declaration take the first step to a sustainable sector

Some 29 organizations and countries operating across the spectrum of the international cocoa sector by 30 November had signed the ground-breaking Abidjan Cocoa Declaration, the ICCO revealed today.

The cocoa sector stakeholders, ranging from cocoa growers through their governments to civil society and most of the world’s largest manufacturers of chocolate, began the signing procedure at a special ceremony that concluded the World Cocoa Conference in Abidjan last week. A number of additional stakeholders were able to sign the Declaration after the Conference as well, and the Declaration remains open at ICCO headquarters in London to allow more cocoa stakeholder organizations to sign it.

The Abidjan Cocoa Declaration, which recommends specific and measurable actions to achieve a sustainable cocoa economy, reflects the more detailed proposals of the Global Cocoa Agenda. The important issues highlighted by the Agenda formed the basis of many of the presentations, discussions and panel sessions that took place at the World Cocoa Conference.

The Declaration is to be the first step in an ongoing process aimed at creating a sustainable future for the cocoa sector and helping to ensure that its benefits are shared along the entire chain, starting with the growers. Another World Cocoa Conference is planned in 2014 to monitor and review the progress made dealing with the issues outlined by the Declaration and the Agenda.

The texts of both the Abidjan Cocoa Declaration and the Global Cocoa Agenda are downloadable from the ICCO website here.

The signatories to the Abidjan Cocoa Declaration by 30 November 2012:

  1. Côte d’Ivoire
  2. Ghana
  3. Cameroon
  4. Ecuador
  5. The Democratic Republic of Congo
  6. Togo
  7. Papua New Guinea
  8. The ACP Group of States
  9. IDH
  11. ECA
  12. WCF
  13. ICI
  14. FCC
  15. HCCO
  16. Talents
  17. Mars
  18. Mondelez International
  19. Nestlé
  20. Ferrero Trading
  21. CEMOI
  22. Petra Foods
  23. Barry Callebaut
  24. Cargill
  25. ADM
  26. Armajaro Trading
  27. Touton
  28. Olam International / Outspan Ivoire
  29. Amtrada / Continaf