Bird’s Eye View of ICCO June meetings

The ICCO hosted the 13th meeting of the Consultative Board on the World Cocoa Economy at its London offices on 4 June 2007.  Under the Chairmanship of Mr Tony Lass, the Board deliberated on the Methodology for the Cocoa Value Chain Analysis Project; the document on Sustainable Cocoa Economy:  A Comprehensive and Participatory Approach; and preparations for the Round Table on a Sustainable World Cocoa Economy.

From 5-7 June, the meetings of the Executive Committee, Promotion Committee, Market Committee and the Expert Working Group on Quality were held in the Board Room of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

At its 133rd meeting, chaired by Ms Irina Medvedeva, the Executive Committee discussed financial, administrative and budgetary matters.  Members also reviewed a progress report on projects and a report of the ICCO action plan on pesticide residues.  The Committee also approved a major project on supply chain management to be submitted to the Common Fund for financing.

Mr Steve Wateridge, chaired the Promotion Committee’s 11th meeting.  Discussions were held on consumption promotion in the Russian Federation and preparations for an international conference on the health and nutritional benefits of cocoa.

The 10th meeting of the Market Committee, under Chairman Mr Tano Kassi Kadio, discussed among other things, the world cocoa market situation, cocoa resources, and fine or flavour cocoa.