ICCO publishes 2015/16 World Cocoa Directory in print and online editions

The International Cocoa Organization is pleased to announce that the greatly expanded and improved World Cocoa Directory 2015/2016 is now available in printed and online editions.

The new edition of the Directory, last published in 2013, now contains over 4,100 entries, including 1,400 new entries and 1,300 amendments, to provide the most up-to-date guide to cocoa and chocolate companies and organizations worldwide.

Reflecting both the Organization’s comprehensive connections within the cocoa and chocolate industry, and a great deal of thorough research, the new Directory includes full contact details as well as indexes based on both geography and activity category for the thousands of organizations included.

Activity categories in this new edition include :

  • Trade and Industry Associations, Government bodies and NGOs
  • Associations of farmers, smallholders and cooperatives
  • Carriers and Transport Lines, as well shipping brokers
  • Certification bodies and suppliers of certified cocoa
  • Chocolate manufacturers, chocolatiers and artisanal chocolate makers
  • Chocolate and confectionery distributors and suppliers                
  • Exporters of raw and semi-finished cocoa from origin countries
  • Fumigation, pesticides and fertiliser suppliers and services
  • Trade and industry publications, consultants and other cocoa sector information resources
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of cocoa processing and handling plant and machinery, including allied quality instrumentation, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of chocolate and confectionery production equipment
  • Suppliers of industrial packaging, systems and components for cocoa beans, cocoa products and semi-processed chocolate, including bagging lines, sacks and container liners, as well as suppliers of retail packaging machinery and products
  • Processors of cocoa beans into semi-finished products, suppliers of semi-finished products to industry, processors and suppliers of cocoa by-products and processors of semi-finished cocoa products into chocolate confectionery
  • Cocoa research institutions, chocolate and cocoa museums and universities involved in cocoa research
  • Superintendents of cocoa and quality inspection services
  • Importers, traders and brokers of physical cocoa as well as futures brokers and traders, insurance companies and banks and law firms specialized in commodity and international trading
  • Warehouse keepers, port authorities, port facilities suppliers, port operators, providers of dessicants and buyers of damaged cargoes 

As a unique reference work, the World Cocoa Directory 2015/16 has also been expanded with over 20 reference articles produced by experts and covering all aspects of the cocoa and chocolate business. In this section, you can find the latest details of the world cocoa market, what is currently affecting it and the way it is likely to develop in the coming season; the current trends in the global chocolate market; a look at the Dominican Republic, venue for the third World Cocoa Conference in 2016, through the eyes of one of its most important cocoa suppliers; a guide to risk protection on the current futures markets; cocoa’s role in Papua New Guinea; a review of some of the latest cocoa processing and quality control methods; an informed guide to handling cocoa beans and powder in plant; and a report on the developments in the growing and increasingly sought-after fine or flavour cocoa sector, among other in-depth editorial material.

The printed edition of the World Cocoa Directory 2015/2016 is very easy to use, with a traditional alphabetical listing and two indexes (by country and by activity category) and as such is the ideal tool to facilitate contact business contacts and opportunities and present a fascinating 360 degree view of the world’s cocoa and chocolate industry. This version comes in a hand-bound, hard cover edition, with clear text on hard-wearing silk paper, and very much a luxury item at £285 per copy, which includes express courier charges worldwide.

The online version, to be updated on a regular basis, is available only in combination with the printed version for only £395. This version will be accessible via a password provided by the ICCO, specific to a particular company or organization and can be shared within the same location. The user will have access to the entire Directory database via the fully searchable online version, with full cross referencing by geography, activity category and keyword.

Generous discounts are given for multiple copy sales, and further details of these are available from Bérénice Grace Bah at the ICCO (berenicegrace.bah@icco.org).

To receive your copy, and to get your password for the online version, click here to download, complete and return the attached order form by email or fax.