Costa Rica joins the 2010 International Cocoa Agreement

Costa Rica on 6 July, 2011 signed the International Cocoa Agreement 2010, the United Nations Treaty Section has confirmed.

Uncoordinated projects could make cocoa’s boom and bust cycle worse, the ICCO’s Executive Director says

A range of uncoordinated projects aimed at stimulating output in producing countries could exacerbate the damaging “boom and bust” cycle in the world’s cocoa economy, according to an International Cocoa Organization presentation on 7 July. Speaking…

Terminal Markets Seminar updates member delegates on the cocoa futures markets

The ICCO’s Seminar on Cocoa Terminal Markets in mid-June brought representatives of a number of ICCO member governments up to date with the latest developments on the commodity futures markets. The Seminar, which took place at the ICCO’s…

European Union joins the 2010 International Cocoa Agreement

The Executive Director a.i., Dr Jean-Marc Anga, has announced that the European Union has joined the International Cocoa Agreement 2010. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, acting as depositary for the Agreement, noted that the EU…

Cameroon Workshop launches the ICCO’s SPS Cocoa Africa project

An International Cocoa Organization Workshop that began on 7 June in Cameroon marked the launch of a major programme to help African cocoa producers maintain their market access in the face of stringent pesticide residue legislation. Pesticide…

Technical paper on Cocoa Variety Improvement now available from this site

The Technical paper 'Collaborative and Participatory Approaches to Cocoa Variety Improvement' is now available for download from this site. This Technical Paper is a compilation of studies and experiments conducted in the framework of the…

Dr. Anga previews the Quarterly Bulletin statistics for the major producers in a Bloomberg News report

Dr. Jean-Marc Anga, Executive Director a.i., previewed the statistics in the upcoming Quarterly Bulletin of Cocoa Statistics during an interview on the state of the cocoa market with Bloomberg News on 25 May.

Interview with Dr Jean-Marc Anga, Executive Director a.i., in The Public Ledger

Dr Anga reviews the effects of the recent Ivorian crisis on the cocoa market, and the huge potential growth in Chinese consumption, in his recent interview in The Public Ledger.

May 2023 Quarterly Bulletin of Cocoa Statistics

Release of new edition of manual on Pesticide Use in Cocoa

Cocoa Market Report for April 2023

Michel Arrion reelegido director ejecutivo de la ICCO

Michel Arrion reappointed as Executive Director of the ICCO

Cocoa Market Report for March 2023