Revision of Annex “C” of the International Cocoa Agreement (ICA), 2010

Abidjan, 16 December 2020 During the celebration of its 34th Special Session, the International Cocoa Council has amended the Annex “C” of the ICA, 2010 in application of Rule 24 Reconsideration of a decision of the Administrative Rules of the ICCO. This Annex “C” replaces the previous version approved by the Council at its 102nd regular session in September 2020.


Countries Share of total exports of the country classified as fine and flavour cocoa
Belize a/
Bolivia a/
Brazil 100%
Colombia 95%
Costa Rica 100%
Dominica 100%
Dominican Republic 60%
Ecuador 75%
Grenada 100%
Guatemala 75%
Haiti 75%
Honduras a/
Indonesia 10%
Jamaica 100%
Madagascar 100%
Mexico a/
Nicaragua 100%
Panama 50%
Papua New Guinea 70%
Peru 75%
Saint Lucia 100%
São Tomé and Principé a/
Trinidad and Tobago 100%
Venezuela, Bolivarian Rep. of a/
Vietnam a/

a/ Fine or Flavour cocoa bean exports are present, but the Panel is not able at this time to evaluate and
determine a percentage.