World cocoa bean stocks for the 2021/22 season

Abidjan, 26 January 2023. The ICCO Expert Working Group on Stocks (EWGS) met today, Thursday 26 January 2023 to review the level of world cocoa bean stocks. The EWGS is composed of experts in the cocoa field who meet once a year, at the invitation of the ICCO, to review and analyse the results of the ICCO’s annual survey of cocoa bean stocks held in European warehouses as well as assess the level of global cocoa bean stocks. The survey is conducted every year (since 2000) and aims to improve transparency in the cocoa market.


Stocks in cocoa importing countries 983 1,101 1,199
Stocks in cocoa exporting countries 214 312 *** 201 ****
Stocks in South-East Asia 199 223
Total identified stocks 1,187 ** 1,606 1,620
Manufacturers’ stocks 71 92 91
Cocoa beans in transit 81 108 75
Total estimated world cocoa bean stocks 1,350 ** 1,811 1,788
Total identified world stocks as a percentage of total estimated world stocks 88% 89% 91%
Total identified stocks as a percentage of statistically-derived stocks 69% 83% 100%
ICCO statistically-derived stocks* 1,719 1,928 1,622

Notes: Totals may differ from sum of constituents due to rounding

* Published in the ICCO Quarterly Bulletin of Cocoa Statistics, Volume XLVIII, No. 4, Cocoa Year 2021/22

** Do not include stocks data from South-East Asia

*** Do not include data from Brazil

**** Do not include data from Brazil and Togo

The EWGS notes that the statistically-derived stock is now lower than the estimated world cocoa beans stock identified through the survey.

The EWGS will meet with the ICCO Secretariat to review and if necessary revise the ICCO statistically derived stocks. While the ICCO Secretariat maintains, so far, its supply deficit estimate of 306,000 tonnes for 2021/22 as published in its latest QBCS, it may revise that figure in due course taking into account the outcome of this discussion.

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