African Cocoa Coalition signs Abidjan Declaration

LONDON, 22 July 2013—The African Cocoa Coalition (ACC), which comprises autonomous non-governmental organizations and farmer groups active in the cocoa sector, has become the 35th stakeholder to sign the Abidjan Cocoa Declaration. David…

Nicaragua joins the International Cocoa Agreement 2010

Nicaragua on 15 July 2013 acceded to the International Cocoa Agreement 2010, the United Nations Treaty Section has confirmed. Click here to see the official notification of accession to the Agreement from the United Nations.

ICCO Workshop in Cameroon gathers worldwide experts to review cocoa certification

London, 12 July 2013—The ICCO’s latest International Workshop brought to Douala, Cameroon a group of world experts to tackle the thorny issue of certification in the cocoa sector. The International Workshop on Cocoa Certification, which…

May 2013 Quarterly Bulletin of Cocoa Statistics

London, 29 May 2013--The International Cocoa Organization today released its revised forecasts for the current 2012/2013 cocoa year and revised estimates for 2011/2012 of world production, grindings and stocks of cocoa beans, summarized below.…

Amsterdam chosen as the venue for the Second World Cocoa Conference in 2014

London, 15 May 2013—Amsterdam, the base for some of the world’s largest processors and traders of cocoa and its products, will be the location for the second edition of the ICCO’s World Cocoa Conference, scheduled to take place 9 –…

Terminal Markets and Econometrics Modelling Seminar set for Guayaquil

LONDON, 14 May 2013--The International Cocoa Organization is to run an International Seminar on Terminal Markets and Econometric Modelling of the Cocoa Market at the Sheraton Guayaquil Hotel in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 15 – 19 July 2013, the…

Hershey signs the Abidjan Cocoa Declaration

LONDON, 10 May 2013—US-based Hershey, one of the world’s largest chocolate makers has signed the Abidjan Cocoa Declaration, bringing the total number of cocoa stakeholder signatories to 34, the ICCO announced today. Vice President Global…

Release of new edition of manual on Pesticide Use in Cocoa

Cocoa Market Report for April 2023

Michel Arrion reelegido director ejecutivo de la ICCO

Michel Arrion reappointed as Executive Director of the ICCO

Cocoa Market Report for March 2023